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Mexico and real estate investment

In the last decade, Mexico has become one of the most important countries for real estate investment worldwide, this has to do with the entry of new economic structures that have positioned the country as the second most competitive economy in Latin America according to the World Economic Forum.

The real estate sector in Mexico is one of the most important and secure pillars in terms of smart investment, this due to the exponential growth that represents an alternative to obtain high returns in the medium to long term.

Mexico has two very important factors for the takeoff of real estate investment, the first is that it has one of the youngest populations in the world and the second is the economic growth it has had in recent years, although the pandemic has encouraged this for everyone.

Nielsen conducted a study in more than 60 countries called “Generations Lifestyle” which indicates that: 22% of the Millennial generation prefer to buy a house and 26% are willing to be part of the suburbs of the major cities. While generation X are the main consumers of homes, this because they have a stable job, many of them are looking for a second vacation or rest property. This second home break trend became even more popular in the past year due to the pandemic and the new normal for the home office.

The best cities for real estate investment in Mexico

There are many factors that determine the added value of an area within them are: the climate, tourist activity, quality of life, natural resources, economic impact, job opportunities, infrastructure, security, etc.

According to the real estate portal, the cities in Mexico with the highest capital gains are located in the north, center and bajío areas. This due to the economic spill; on the other hand we have the Yucatan Peninsula as one of the great destinations for real estate investment for rest homes. 

  • Tijuana

This city has as its main attraction its proximity to the United States and consequently the economic spillover therein. Tijuana is among the first 10 cities with the highest real estate investment nationwide. Population growth is expected in the coming years as it has become one of the main destinations for many families looking for a new home.

  • San Luis Potosi

This state of the Mexican Republic has great economic and industrial growth, it is in constant urban movement due to the industrial sector in that area: mining, manufacturing and construction. This positions San Luis as a key place for real estate investment.

  • Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is considered an area with the best beaches not only in Mexico but in the world. The tourist influx of this destination exceeds 17 million people per year. This is one of the main reasons why if you have the opportunity to make a real estate investment in Cancun or Riviera Maya it can become an unbeatable business opportunity.


This city, located in the State of Mexico, has positioned itself as one of the safest in the center of the country. Due to the proximity to Mexico City, many families have chosen to reside there, seeking a bit of tranquility without straying so far from the big city.


  • Merida

It is considered one of the cities with the best quality of life in Mexico thanks to its high security rates. One of the great attractions for real estate investment is the really cheap cost for homes considered premium. The proximity to the Riviera Maya and import ports make it a very attractive city for real estate investment.


If you are considering making a real estate investment, we invite you to consider the Riviera Maya as one of your options, this area has an unmatched annual capital gain and is an excellent opportunity to grow your wealth.